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ACTING DIRECTOR:  Mr. Victor Salako

In most ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) it is called planning Research and Statistics (PRS) or planning Research and Documentation (PRD). The department is the cardinal and engine room of every organization. It is where policies and programmers of the establishment are translated into reality. The department’s statutory responsibility is premised on the following functions:

  • Planning monitoring and evaluation of the organization’s programmers and projects.
  • Research, Documentation and Statistics
  • Library and Information
  • Consultancy
  • Due process
  • Inter-agency relations
  • Maintenance of the registry

Planning, consultancy and information department is one of the five departments of the institute.

In the institute, the planning Consultancy and Information services department operates effectively in partnership with four other departments, schools and campuses. To further streamline activities of the department, for better coordination, PCIS units should exist in all the schools and campuses.

To further streamline activities of the department, for better coordination, PCIS units should exist in all the schools and campuses.

Specifically the department carries out the under listed functions:

  • To give direction to the Institute in the implementation of its mandate and objectives.
  • To benchmark the Institute vis-à-vis other similar institutions within and outside the country.
  • To carry out monitoring and evaluation of the Institute’s programmes and projects in order to determine progress made and advise appropriately
  • To promote public-private sector partnership aimed at improving services rendered in the industry.
  • Promote institutional linkages with relevant national and international agencies such as NTDC, NEPAD, NBTE< ITF< UNWTO< ATA< IIPT< AHSA etc.
  • In coloration with other departments, generate information, develop data base and disseminate information to end-users.
  • Enter collaborations/affiliation with Institutions, Donor agencies such as NBTE, ITF, Polytechnics, Universities, UNWTO, UNDP, ILO ATA, AHSA etc
  • Offers support services to other departments as it relates to computer services, library and resource centre etc
  • Sources and promotes consultancy services and investment
  • Prepares speeches for the Director General
  • Coordinates the Institutes Newsletter NIHOTOURTODAY

In addition to the above functions, the department plans and services management meetings, organizes stakeholders meetings, coordinates the Institutes participation at International Conferences, workshops and seminars.

For the department to effectively discharge the aforementioned duties it is divided into units.  The unites are:

  • Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Research, Information and resource
  • Library, Information and Resource
  • Budget, Procurement and due Process
  • Consultancy
  • Inter Agency Relation
  • These units are headed by officers who report to the director. The Director oversees the department, and to the Director General.

Consultancy Unit

  • It responds to the needs of all stake holders in the Travel, Tourism and hospitality Industry
  • It solicits for programs and research to be handled by the Institute
  • It plans and organizes seminars, workshops and conferences in collaboration with consultants
  • It offers consultancy service to Hospitality and tourism operators
  • It liaises with other organizations in the public sector, organized private sector and individuals in the provision of relevant consultancy services in the Industry
  • It helps other departments develop in-house programmes and projects

Inter Agency Relations Unit


  • Establishing and maintaining contact with government, Organized Private sector and International agencies/bodies with view to exploring possible areas of collaboration.
  • Collaborating with educational Institutions and other Regulatory agencies to organize programs, review curricular. The unit does this in partnership with the Hospitality and Tourism departments of the Institute.
  • Maintaining bi-lateral relationships with International bodies like IATA/UFTAA, UNWTO, UNDP, ILO etc.
  • Relating with other agencies in the Ministry such as NTDC, NICO, NCAS, NGA, NCMM, CBAAC, etc in order to advance the tourism Industry.



Acting Director General,
Alhaji Kabir M. Momoh

Acting DG Nihotour Alhaji Kabir M Momoh
Mrs. Chika Balogun is the Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism (NIHOTOUR), Nigeria. It is the Apex Hospitality and Tourism Training Institute and Personnel Services Regulatory Agency in Nigeria.
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