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MRS FLORA N. GOKA- Head of Department

The hospitality department was created in 1994 by the administration of Alh. M.K. Bashir as one of the two academic departments of the institute, with Chief Ernest C.Obia as the pioneer/ and past head of the department.

Roles/objectives of the department

The objectives/roles of the department are summarized as follows:


  • To provide students/participants with training principles of business economics relevant to the hospitality industry.
  • To equip students/participants with the basic knowledge and vital skills for setting up their own hospitality outfits or working for others.
  • To develop the students /participants social and technical skills necessary for supervision and control of both human and material resources.
  • To provide sufficient professional training to persons with a minimum qualification of Higher National Diploma (HND) in hospitality and management and also individuals with degree qualifications of B.Sc., M.Sc. etc in fields other than hospitality and management.
  • To provide short and long term managerial and supervising training for the development of specific skills as well as to enhance the quality and efficiency of senior functionaries in the hospitality and tourism industry.
  • To co-operate with the relevant bodies in developing and updating national training curriculum for all levels personnel in the industry.
  • supervision of the four Nigerian and Hotel catering schools located in Kaduna, Lagos, Benin, and Enugu which are presently serving as Nihotour campuses in those locations.


DHM= Director Hospitality Management

DAS= director administration & supply

DFA= director finance & account

DTTS= director travel & tourism studies

DPCIS= director planning consultancy and information services

PNHCS= principal Nigeria hotel and catering schoolsà located in Kaduna, Lagos and Enugu

TMU= tailor made unit

CNHCS= coordinator Nigerian hotel & catering school

ERU= exam & record unit

CPU= certificate programme unit

ADU= administration unit





Acting Director General,
Alhaji Kabir M. Momoh

Acting DG Nihotour Alhaji Kabir M Momoh
Mrs. Chika Balogun is the Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism (NIHOTOUR), Nigeria. It is the Apex Hospitality and Tourism Training Institute and Personnel Services Regulatory Agency in Nigeria.
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