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“To make Nigeria one of the top twenty culture and tourism destinations in the world by year 2020”

“Tourism can have a profound impact on the society, economy and environment of nations. Socially, one of the most immediate benefits of the tourism industry is its ability to create employment and, in the case of tourism, an added benefit is that it caters for both skilled and unskilled employment. As a labour-intensive industry, tourism has the potential to create more jobs per unit of investment than any other industry and tourism can be a useful source of employment for women and ethnic minority groups.” Vision 2020”

Relevant sections for NIHOTOUR in developing the right quantity, quality, caliber of personnel needed to make Nigeria one of  the top twenty  tourism destinations in the world by year 2020 are:-


  • Implementing the relevant and acceptable sections of the Tourism Master plan.
  • Increase human capacity development in Nigeria.
  • Develop world class skills needed to develop world class Tourism and products and facilities.
  • Engage in Capacity building initiatives for practitioners and new entrants to the Industry at National, State and Local levels
  • Providing code of conduct on International best practices, for Tourism Educators, Professionals, and Training Providers.
  • Organise, attend Donor Conferences relating to Human Capacity Development, Pro-Poor Tourism, and in meeting National and International Donor Agencies.
  • Undertake exchanges between tourism experts, and Institutions with other countries
  • Enhance the capacity and effectiveness of Regulatory Agencies in areas of data collection and standardization of product and services through benchmarking, and introduction of National Occupational Standards. An audit of existing Courses and training programmes in  Tourism Hospitality and Allied Occupations be undertaking.
  • The register need to be maintained of travel and tourism training institutions, their training programmes, subjects, locations standards, durations and type. Capacity of NIHOTOUR need to be enhanced to undertake this role effectively.
Active and direct involvement of NIHOTOUR is crucial at all levels of the implementation of the Vision 2020 action plan/road map  in order  to make tourism one of the cardinal revenue earners for Nigeria by the year 2020 through growing our economy and creating a very competitive and skilled workforce.



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