Momoh A. M. Kabir, the current Ag. Director General of NIHOTOUR since 6th September, 2018, was born on the 12th of July, 1962 in Agbede, Edo State of Nigeria.  He attended Ahmadu Bello University Zaria for his first degree, Bayero University Kano for his Masters and currently in the University of Abuja for his Ph.D. Thus he has BA. Hons History, MSc, Pol. Science and Ph.D International Studies (in –view).  He has TMS Cert. (India) and a fellow of the Institute of Tourism Professionals.

He joined the services of the Institute in September of 1992 as a Lecturer. Gradually but steadily, he rose through the ranks to attain the position of a Chief Lecturer, a zonal coordinator and head of Campus, a Director and presently, the Ag. Director General of the Institute.

In the course of his career at the Institute, Momoh A. M. Kabir chaired several adhoc administrative, investigative and academic panels that were geared towards the continuous reforms and enhancement of the Institute’s mandate.  He became the pioneer Academic Registrar and later, Academic Secretary of the Institute as well as the first HOD of the Institute’s General Studies department all in Bagauda, Kano State, were NIHOTOUR started.  Thereafter, he became the zonal Coordinator of the Institute’s North East operations and head of Bauchi Campus before proceeding to the headquarters of the Institute as the Director of Planning and Consultancy Services.  He assumed the current position of the Ag. Director General of the Institute in September, 2018.

As an academician, he has sizeable number of publications to his credit in both local and international journals and other platforms.

For hobbies, the Ag. Director General enjoy himself with reading, tennis, gulfing and country-side, Jazz, high-life and reggae music for leisure.