An Assessment of the Effects of Insecurity on Investment Potentials of Bauchi State as a Tourist Destination


Written by:

National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism,


Security and safety of tourists have of recent become a most global concern and thus a major factor in tourists’ choice of destinations. The past decade and counting, Nigeria in general and the north in particular, have been witnessing unprecedented upsurge in crimes like kidnappings, abductions, terrorist attacks, political/religious uprisings, all of which have played roles in discouraging tourists from coming in the country, especially to the zones or States so affected. Bauchi State that prides itself as the Pearl of Tourism, now is a shadow of itself, as not many foreign tourists are too eager to venture into the State for any activity whatsoever. With the exception of petroleum and GSM businesses as well as foodstuff businesses, Bauchi State cannot boast of many industries that would have contributed to the state’s economic development. This study set out to investigate possible economic effects of this problem of insecurity. It was discovered that influx of especially foreign tourists to Bauchi State in the last ten years has reduced to almost zero and as a result, many businesses that otherwise would have benefited from the visits and activities of foreign tourists, through the much-needed foreign exchange and business opportunities. Similarly, the state government, which should have been the major beneficiary of the income generated by foreign tourists, is adversely affected in that the expected income from tourism for economic and general development of the State is lacking. At the end of the research, useful recommendations were proffered which, to enable stakeholders have a rethink and tackle the menace of insecurity for the overall development of the State.