An Insight Into Fire Safety and Security in Some Hotels and Attraction Sites in Kano State, Nigeria – An Important Safe Destination Attribute for Foreign Direct Investment


Written by:

MGBEMERE Victor Nnadieto &
NWAFOBA Alice Chinyere
National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism, Kano, Nigeria


Foreign direct investment (FDI), an investment made by a foreign person or organization in a particular country, has become an important means for which many countries can grow their economy. FDI involves transfer of money, technologies, managerial capabilities, marketing skills and other financial and nonmaterial or intangible assets into a new country. Currently Tourism globally is a preferred investment sector with huge potentials for FDI. However maximizing Tourism’s FDI hinges on how safe Destination is. In other words success of FDI via tourist investment depends largely on being able to provide safe and secured destinations. Most tourists want to feel safe and secure no matter what the destination. It is often more of a sense of security than anything tangible that tourists are seeking. There are various issues that can make destination unsafe and impede FDI. One paramount concern of safe destinations is fire outbreak. Hence this study is an insight into fire safety and security in some hotels and attraction sites in Kano state, Nigeria. In this survey, structured Questionnaire was used to obtain data from employees and customers / tourists (respondents) at the destinations. Statistical analysis of the data revealed that some of these destinations lack some range of fire safety and security device such as insulated doors, window, cabinets and walls. Although some of the destinations had installed Fire exit, Fire extinguisher, Fire alarm, Fire mask, Fire goggles, and had Fire booth, Fire hand glove, Hose roll and helmet, these were inadequate hence not evenly distributed and over 60 % of them were obsolete and malfunctioning. Even though the employees are aware that fire prevention and control safeguard life, property and investment, about 80 % of them lack the basic knowledge, appropriate procedures and application of fire safety and security facilities and devices. Training of destination employees and provision of functional fire security and safety facilities and devices are absolutely essential to ensuring that destinations are safe to attract valuable FDI.