Contemporary Security Challenges as Inputs to Nigeria Tourism Aspiration


Written by:

Momoh A. M. Kabir

Director Planning And Consultancy Services


Contemporary Security Challenges as Inputs to Nigeria Tourism Aspirations is an attempt to discuss issues relating to the country as a tourism destination. This is especially in view of the safety concerns and how this has affected the nation’s quest for a sustainable tourism development. To this end, a conceptual clarification of security becomes pertinent to underline the basis of the issues analysed in this paper. The national tourism master plan is a strategic policy machinery put in motion by the Federal Government of Nigeria, using a cluster mapping approach for ease of identification and implementation. However, there are contending contemporary security challenges that constitute a threat to the country’s tourism aspirations in this direction. Hence appreciation of these maladies and the critical need to address them. Conclusion was accordingly drawn and recommendations proffered for relevant authorities and tourism policy makers as a guide for improvement and sustainability of the country’s profile as a much safer destination for local and international tourism.