Effective Conflict Management a Tool for Sustainable Tourism Growth and Development in Nigeria


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The purpose of this paper is to present and group an array of factors that are affecting tourism related conflicts in Nigeria. Understanding sources of conflict has been a subject matter that raises interest from academics, professionals and managers alike. Extant research has shown that conflict is an essential characteristic of the tourism industry and a certain level of it should be tolerated as it is often the medium of change and development. The difficulty arises when practitioners in the industry do not understand, or are unable to identify, the sources, the clusters and the ensuing factors generating conflict and as such their efforts to choose between resolution and managing conflict are rendered useless and without focus. The identification and grouping or such factors becomes an imperative and needs a general framework that could be applied and adapted to each subsector of the industry. This paper therefore identify the following clusters of conflict sources: Eco-Spatial Conflicts, Infrastructural Conflicts, Socio-Demographic Conflicts, Economic Conflicts, and Socio-Cultural Conflicts factors based on which was discussed and explore our role in prevention of conflicts.