Effectiveness of the Activities of Stakeholders to Local People in Creating Conducive and Safe Environment for Tourist and Foreign Investors in Yankari, Nigeria.


Written by;

ELGEN, Joshua Maxwell
National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism, Bauchi, Nigeria


Inadequate provision of infrastructure and employment by stakeholders does not augur well for the reserve resources and investors. The study attempts to answer whether the stakeholders have been effective in infrastructural development and employment to the people and how is the relationship between the stakeholders and villagers, also the problems associated with the activities of the stakeholders. The study aimed at determining the effectiveness of stakeholders in creating conducive and safe environment for tourist and foreign investors. YGR surrounded by SZC is located in Bauchi State. It is unique for tourist to watch wildlife. Data collection methods were field survey, interviews, questionnaires and focus group discussions (FGD). The sampling frame included 22 villages, stratified sampling was used and later a simple convenient sampling that provided 10 villages for the research. A sample size of 104 respondents was selected by a simple random sampling technique from the villages and staff from a sample frame of about 1025 heads of households. It was evident facilities have been provided. The FGD confirmed provision of amenities and employment opportunities in the reserve, schools, health centres etc. The FGD declared there is relative peace between the stakeholders and the people as there are usually no major conflicts. This has made the people friendly to protection of the ecosystem and tourist because of the benefits they enjoy. Problems include inadequate funding to finance activities and lack of training and capacity building for protection staff. The FGD confirmed high reduction of illegal activities.