Exploring and Promoting the Tourism Potentials of Nigeria for Effective Transformation


Written by:

Maga, Philip Egga
National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism,

Abuja, Nigeria


Suffice it to say that Nigeria’s potential tourism products can compete favourably with the oil sector in the generation of jobs, employment, revenue and add to the national economy if harnessed and promoted. While some of the tourist potentials in Nigeria are not well developed for effective transformation into the main stream of the national economy, most of them have the capacity to change socio-economic wellbeing of Nigerians and the national economy if identified, developed, packaged and promoted as a tourist attractions. This paper therefore examines the potentials of Gurara falls for transformation into a source of generator of employment, jobs, revenue and other socio-economic development of the host Community, State and the nation for sustainable tourism development at the sub-region. The paper explains the concept of tourism, its products, services and as an industry including its benefits to the host community, the state and the country at large. Strategies to transforming the sector through promotional activities are exhausted to attain sustainable goal. The challenges and future prospects of the falls were also dealt with. To achieve the aim of the study, 200 copies of structured questionnaire were administered to both the tourists and residents of the host community. Focus group discussion and interview were used to source information from the people of the community and the staff of Niger State Tourism Board respectively. Findings revealed that Gurara falls has no socio-economic impact on the host community with calculated P-value of (0.421). Conclusion was made that promoting tourism potentials for the purpose of transforming the sector into a contributor to the national economy is visible and possible if government and the industry private sector players can adjust to imbibe global best practices while adapting and implementing tourism transformation strategies