Exploring Strategic Management Model to Facilitate Safety of Tourism Destinations and Direct Foreign Investment in Nigeria


Written by;

GBADE Adekitan PhD, OKUNOLA Adewale & AROGUNYO Mercy
National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism, Oshogbo, Osun State, Nigeria


Tourism is an industry which involves travel of visitors or tourists from one place to another, trades many products or services and presents them to the visitors as unique experiences. Among these products are: events, culture, history, sports events and destinations. Safety of tourism destinations, particularly in developing nations, Nigeria inclusive, is germane because its success or failure depends on it and determines amount of direct foreign investment. However, researchers have revealed the challenges facing tourism destinations in Nigeria, but given less consideration to strategic management that could help in providing secured environments for tourists and direct foreign investment to Nigeria. This paper examined the significance of strategic modeling management to safe destination using qualitative research technique. Findings showed that, application of strategic management model, prevents violent crimes, and promote safety at tourism destinations. Also promote direct foreign investment and capital inflows. Based on these, the paper recommended that strategic management model should be adopted in tourism destinations management, in order to promote safe destinations and facilitate direct foreign investment in Nigeria.