Global Competitiveness of African Destination and Security in the Context of AU Agenda 2063


Written by,

PETER, Solomon-Ugande,
ALFA, Fatimah Favour,
SADAT, Mary Inikpi,
JOHN, Peter.

Department of Travel and Tourism Studies, Abuja


The competitiveness of Africa as a tourism destination is greatly influenced by among other factors how tourists perceive their risk or danger (whether real or not) while visiting the continent. Given the dismally low Tourism and Travel competitive index ranking of Africa, it is vital that the continent puts in place measure to addresses a number of issues including limited tourism safety and security. The competitiveness of Africa will improve when safety and security well designed and coordinated strategies are implemented. The aim of this paper is to highlight the existential security circumstances in Africa as a tourist destination as they relate to the Continent’s Aspirations for the next 45 years. The methodology adopted was based on secondary literature analysis. It was concluded that leveraging on the African Union institutional and policy frameworks, a lot could be done to enhance tourism safety and security which in turn will influence Africa’s ability to maintain a positive image, create a conducive tourism business environment and attract investment. This however remains to seen in light changing security situation around the Continent.