Insecurity as an Impediment to Tourism Development a Focus on Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria


Written by;

KANE, Sapwavi Jerry
National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism, Bauchi


Tourism is a major revenue earner and a prime mover of the economies of many nations the world over. This is evidenced in the annual tourist receipts. For tourism to thrive, its development depends largely on the circumstances of lasting peace and security. However, an extensive flip-flop (impediment) amongst others that has bedeviled its development is insecurity. Until recently, plethora of explanations on the crawling pace of tourism development in Nigeria tends to pay petite attention to the centrality of security to tourism development. Available data on the level and dimensions of insecurity in Plateau State revealed an increase over time, which constitutes serious threat to lives and properties, hinders tourism development as well as business activities and discourages local and foreign investors. This paper examined the consequences of insecurity on tourism development with particular reference to its adverse effect on the Plateau. It equally attempted to proffer measures that would help in eliminating the negative influences of insecurity in Plateau State to bring about the possibilities of increased international tourist arrivals. In the process, the analytical research methodology was applied. In the light of the above, the paper recommended that government must be proactive in dealing with security issues and threats, through modern methods of intelligence gathering, and sharing among security personnel, training, logistics, motivation, and deploying advanced technology in managing security challenges.