Peace and Conflict Resolution in the Context of Tourism


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With over one billion tourists travelling the world every year, tourism has become a worldwide social and cultural phenomenon that engages people of all nations as both hosts and guests. The fundamental experience of tourism – visiting a new place and meeting its people and culture – is a transformative aspect that defines tourism’s role as an agent of peace. Never before have people travelled so widely, nor encountered such a wide variety of cultures. These connections spur dialogue and exchange, break down cultural barriers and promote the values of tolerance, mutual understanding and respect. In a world constantly struggling for harmonious coexistence, these values espoused by tourism are integral to building a more peaceful future. Indeed, peace is the cornerstone of travel and tourism, and essential to social growth and development. It is against this backdrop that tourism has been hailed as the first “Global Peace Industry”. Yet in spite of tourism’s positive global impact, its full potential as an instrument for peace remains to be realized.