Precautionary Measures in the Management of Security and Safety of Sports and Tourism Facilities in Tourism Organizations in Nigeria


Written By:
Adekitan Gbade. K. (PhD)
NIHOTOUR, Oshogbo Training Centre, Oshogbo, Osun State, Nigeria.



Security and safety are key factors in sports, tourism and recreation. Security and safety issues are all about protection of life and properties or facilities in sports tourism organization. This is because security and safety of athletes/tourists, as well as facilities is very germane due to vital roles play in skewing the choice of fans or tourists destination decisions. They have been indispensable conditions for travel and participation in sports tourism related activities. Incidences such as kidnapping, robbery, bomb blast, rape, murder, motivated attack and terrorism represent serious threat to sport tourism activities and recreational facilities in many countries, Nigeria inclusive. In recent time, security and safety had posed more grievous challenges to sport and tourism participation more than any other negative factors which include flooding, pollution, diseases and tsunami.