Re-Assessing the Hospitality & Tourism Industry in Nigeria: Standardization and Operations


Written By:
1 ALEX-ONYEOCHA Obinna U [PhD], 2 OKAFOR Blessing I.

1Hospitality Management Department, Dorben Polytechnic, Bwari, Abuja, Nigeria.
2 Travels and Tourism Department, National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Abuja



Standardization and operations in the hospitality and tourism industry has some many issues that have to be ratified for global standards in Nigeria. The Tourism industry in the Nation is huge but is be little by the standards and operations involved in its management and development. To standardize the industry and its operations some frame works has to be made which certainly would include the reassessing and rating of the Tourism activities and classification of the hotels, restaurants and resorts in the Nation. The standardization of operations in the industry should via effective training and retraining of the management of the Tourism and Hospitality industry in the Nigerian Nation.