Safe Destination for Medical Tourists Issues in Nigeria


Written by;

ERHABOR, O. Destiny (PhD) & OBUH, Joy
National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism, Benin


When looking at safe destination for medical tourism from global perspective, Nigeria is not known to be a tourist’s destination for health care but serves as a source country to destination countries such as Turkey, India, South Africa, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Germany etc. and reasons for this were elaborated in this work. In this paper a desk review method of analysis of data was done and the data collected from secondary sources. Several recommendations were made based on the findings from this research work to stop this ugly trend and make Nigeria a safe destination for medical tourists which are to appoint the right people with the professional know-how to manage the health sector, funds hitherto allocated to the health sector should not be embezzled or mismanaged by corrupt individuals saddled with the responsibility of taking care of the health sector, a law should be enacted to make our political class make use of local medical facilities as this will make them improve our local health sector, thus promoting our medical tourism and remunerations and welfare of medical personnel should be of importance to the government.