Safe Destination (Panacea for Foreign Direct Investment)


Written by;

ADEBISI, Saidi Adewumi  & IBEABUCHI, Chinyere
National Institute for Hospitality & Tourism Lagos Campus


A safe destination is a destination that attracts visitors for a temporary visit. There are millions of tourists’ destination across the world with each of them claims to have the best state of the art facilities and equipment. A safe destination is the one that is secured, well protected, uninjured, not involving risks and out of danger. This article examines various ways by which a tourist destination can be made safe, secure and attractive to the foreign investors. Despite the Nigeria natural resources endowment, the country economy had been in step decline over the past decades, the country is yet to experience the necessary critical structural changed that would guarantee rapid growth and sustainable human development. After a critical analysis of the country economic condition, the government has embarked on various activities to attract more foreign investors and the only way to achieve this required ability to make Nigeria a safe tourist’s destination. The primary sources of data for this article includes information obtained through a structural closed ended research questions and other available literatures on the topic. The research finding reveals that the way forward demands a policy turn around by the relevant stakeholders. The government needs to provide enabling business environment that is well secured, protected and free from risk of any nature. In conclusion, the author recommended heavy investment and promotional campaign on security and safety awareness in various parts of Nigeria as a remedy to make the country a safe and better destination for the investors.