Security and Safety Measures in Osun Osogbo Grove: Challenges and Implications for Tourists


Written by;

TIJANI, Nasiru PhD and 
National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism, Oshogbo


The Federal Polytechnic Bida, Niger State


Safe destination is germane to both local and foreign tourism direct investors. Investing in tourism industry sectors such as transportation, accommodation, attractions, events, commercial outdoor recreation, festivals, arts and crafts and tourist’s services requires excellent and absolute security and safety. There are many potential destinations in Nigeria awaiting investors and entrepreneurs. Maintenance of high level standard security and safety measures has been taken for granted in tourism sector because of inadequate implementation of some of our security policy. This paper examines safety and security measures operating in Osun Osogbo grove as a UNESCO approved destination. The paper utilizes secondary and emperical evidences to arrive at its analysis. However, there is prevalence of security challenges such as kidnapping, human trafficking, Prostitution, Robbery, Terrorism, Cybercrime, among others in the study areas. These may deter foreign investors to come and invest in this sector. The study concluded that safe destinations is imperative to foreign investors and tourists alike. It is recommended that high standard security and safety policy should be maintained at destinations. Government, Non-governmental organisations and Private security sectors should be more sensitive to safe destinations issues. Regular training, workshop, seminar and re-training of tourism security personnel is imperative to attract foreign direct investors.