Security the Bane of Tourism Destination and Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria


Written by;

ONOBUN Marie-Terese
National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism, Benin


Security has always poised a threat to the state of the nation Nigeria and over the years it has affected every sphere of the country’s economy, the tourism sector inclusive. Tourism is an increasingly important source of income, employment and wealth in many countries and its rapid expansion has been considered as an interesting possibility for sustainable development, including poverty reduction, in Nigeria. It stimulates the exchange of educational, recreational and cultural values in Nigeria and there have been growing concerns among nation states, international organizations, scholars and even tourists for the need to provide adequate security measures to safe guard the lives and properties of tourists and tourist destinations, globally, particularly in Nigeria.
A sin qua non to socio, political and economic activities is peace and tranquility and tourism which is a human activity can only survive in a peaceful environment. Everyman has the right to leisure, freedom to travel and tourism, and is desirous of the safety of his life and properties. Therefore, there should be an enhancement of human security in our tourism sector to guarantee a regular influx of tourists and this would in turn attract direct foreign investment.
Tourism development depends totally on the circumstances of lasting peace and security and there would always be capital flight when the economy is not conducive for investment.
This paper seeks to examine the inadequacy of tourism destinations in terms of security/ safety and its attending consequences on tourists, host communities and direct foreign investment. It attempts to proffer measures aimed at eradicating the negative effects of insecurity in Nigeria with a bid to attracting larger number of tourists to the country and also increasing direct foreign investment. It is therefore, recommended that stakeholders in the tourism industry should adopt every available rational means, liaise with government security operatives to tackle these security risks in order to guarantee sustainable tourism in Nigeria and attract foreign investment.