The Impact of Safe Destination for Tourism Investment and Growth in Nigeria


Written by;

EDJORE Emmanuel Odibo
National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism, Benin


The paper examined the impact of safe destination for tourism investment and growth in Nigeria. The rationale for creating safe destination for tourists has always been to bridge domestic resource gap in order to accelerate economic growth and foreign investment opportunities. The study discusses the contribution of tourism to Nigeria economy and some of the valuable growth it witnessed in term of foreign direct investment and the challenges associated with. The non-scrapping and the non-merging of the Tourism Ministry with other Ministry was made as one of the main recommendations. The paper concluded that the tourism industry acts as an engine room of economic development and social force because it is a link to the domestic and the international economies. The vibrancy of the tourism sector is an indication of the country index of safe, attractive, accommodating destination and foreign investment opportunity.