Tourism Security Community Development and Destination


Written by;

Ag. HoD Travel and Tourism Studies Department, Abuja


This paper seeks to establish a nexus between security and management of tourism destinations which translates into community development. Tourism is a global business of dispersion of wealth and experiences through travel, especially where there is security and proper management of destinations. Security is a chief pre-condition necessary for tourism development the world over. Insecurity is a misnomer for tourist, the host and destination alike. According to World Bank Development report (2002) armed conflict is knocking 20% of Africa’s overall annual economic growth, tourism inclusive. Both desk and survey methods were adopted for methodology of this research. For the survey, 100 questionnaires were administered to practitioners and stakeholders in the tourism industry including Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Hotel owners, academicians, Post Graduate students. Data collected were analyzed using simple percentages and tables. Result from the findings show that the presences of security enhances proper management of tourism destinations which in turn translate into tourism development viz a viz community development. Furthermore, it was established that the huge benefit of tourism, which comes through proper management of destinations will be near impossible without adequate security which is a sin qua non for Productivity the world over.